Apr 29, 2019

3YPC-(2019 NFL Draft Review) Episode 2.72

In this Episode, the guys talk about the Trade that landed QB Josh Rosen with the Miami Dolphins.  They then move on to talk about Dolphin Draftees Christian Wilkins, Michael Dieter, Andrew Van Ginkel, Isaiah Prince, Chandler Cox, and Myles Gaskin.  They review each pick and offer their views on the Dolphins Draft overall.  

Apr 26, 2019

3YPC-(BONUS-Wilkins-Draft Day 2)

In a 3YPC first, this was a "Mobile" Podcast.  Chris on commute, Alfredo in his car, Simon on a golf course!  The guys react to the Miami Dolphins taking Christian Wilkins 13th overall, and look forward to Day Two of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Apr 22, 2019

3YPC-(2019 NFL Draft 1st Rd. Preview) Episode 2.71

In this Episode, the guys present their *2019 NFL Draft 1st Round Preview*.  They start the show with a discussion about the rumors of Josh Rosen being available for a third round pick and offer their evaluation.  The Preview then kicks off with a Pick by Pick breakdown till pick #13 where the Miami Dolphins choose.  At that point, the guys talk about the trade down scenarios, who they would reject trade down offers for if available, and make predictions on who will be chosen. 

Apr 16, 2019

3YPC-(News-Draft Special #4) Episode 2.70

In this Episode, the guys start off with the news of the week concerning Reshad Jones, and Ryan Fitzpatrick.  They move onto the Linebacker class of the 2019 NFL Draft, while talking fits, prototypes, and where the Miami Dolphins could be drafting one, or two.  In the second half of the show, the guys get into the Defensive back class, and go in depth on the top prospects each guy has as targets for the early as well as late parts of the draft.

Apr 8, 2019

3YPC-(News-Draft Special #3) Episode 2.69

In this Episode, the guys talk about Chris Kouffman's (@ckparrot) Mike Gesicki piece on fivereasonssports.com, as well as the signings the Miami Dolphins made out of the now defunct AAF.  They briefly discuss the roster as it currently stands, and in the second half of the show, they present Draft Special #3 as they discuss this year's Offensive and Defensive Linemen.

Apr 2, 2019

3YPC-(News-Draft Special #2) Episode 2.68

In this Episode, the guys cover the Runningbacks, Wide Receivers and Tight Ends available to the Miami Dolphins in the 2019 NFL Draft.  They go over every position group and talk about what they would do, and what must be done to improve each unit.


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